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No Mistake

Once upon a time, there was a man who was happily married…

Dr. Bruce Angleton was living the good life. A strong marriage, a happy home, and the dream of starting a family was beginning to coalesce into more than just a dream. Until he returned home from an out of town business trip and everything he thought he knew was wrong. Secrets were being kept from him. The kind of secrets that can destroy a man. When life and love shatter, what does a man do with his perfect life?

Once upon a time, there was a man who thought he would never love again…

Gerard Niff had poured his heart and his soul into his career, gaining modest fame and fortune. Until cutting betrayal forced him to give up everything and start over. Returning to Arbor Heights, he put his name to work for him, giving him the opportunity to travel to perform. Stuck in a snowbound airport, he never dreamed he would meet someone who would turn his head or awaken his heart again.

What begins as a random encounter shared over coffee in a packed airport changes the course of their lives. When one sees the end of his world, the other can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Will time work for them? Or will their meeting be only a brief mistake in time?

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Trust In Me

Can trust form for a man who’s been hurt by those closest to him? Can trust be enough when doubts plague the cop who is starting to care for him?

Corey Shaw is a transplant to Arbor Heights, a high school dropout who had nowhere to go after losing everything. Determined to make a life for himself, even if he has to start at the bottom in squalor, it is enough to say it is his. Enough to let him wrap the little pride he has around him like armor to make it through the day-to-day challenges.

For Trevor Beckett, chasing a car burglar into a collision with an innocent bystander was not on his Meet-A-Cutie bingo card.

After ensuring the young man was safe and sound after a rough introduction, compassion and Thanksgiving leftovers bring him back to check on Corey. It hadn’t occurred to him that he was simply floating through life, uninterested and unaffected after leaving the Army, returning to Arbor Heights to be closer to his family. Suddenly a future with someone didn’t look so far-fetched. It only took blue eyes and wondering what it would take to earn this one man’s trust.

Kindle Unlimited

Boyfriend Forever

Can love survive seven years apart?

Jayden Sindler let the love of his life walk away seven years ago to give him the chance to fulfill a future Nash Vargas had been working toward since his sophomore year in high school. As the years crawled by, they’d drifted apart, living in two different cities, with two different careers. Over time, the promises of ever after faded.

Jayden knew he was equally to blame for letting things fall apart. When phone numbers ceased working, when Nash moved jobs then residences, he knew it was really over.

It was time to let go.

Can new life be breathed into an old flame? Can hearts forgive? Can Jayden convince Nash to give love one more try?

Kindle Unlimited

Boyfriend for the Weekend

Can pretending to be in love lead to a real forever ever after happiness?

Jayden Sindler is a member of his sister’s wedding party. As one of the few single men, he has been warned to bring someone with him to keep the single hunting women at arm’s length. Luck presents itself in the form of Nash Vargas. Invited to accompany Jayden, Nash convinces him to pretend to be something more believable – boyfriends.

But what happens when acting turns into real affection? And will there be a future after the weekend?

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Wayne Hightower has lived with a secret since he was a teenager. Debilitating to relationships, his condition stands in the way of his father’s ultimate expectation: Finding a woman to marry. Of course, if he could do that, he’d have the grandchildren his mother was craving. And everyone would be happy happy happy. Or so he’d been raised to believe. If he could find her. If he could get over his problem.

Ditched by his brother for their planned night of sibling bonding, Erich Villalobos invites Wayne out instead as a simple act of friendship. One night that throws Wayne into an environment he’d never been exposed to, revealing a playfully animated side of his co-worker Erich had never imagined. One that he quickly learns he’s actually attracted to.

Secrets. Everyone has them. Wayne. Erich. Even Wayne’s parents. If Wayne’s brother Curtis were still alive, he could tell Wayne the cause of his condition and how to cure it. But dead men don’t talk.

Kindle Unlimited

Not Quite Broken

Dex’s life has gone into a tailspin. One night that ruined his entire world. He can’t sleep, he can’t eat. He’s lost his job, and is about to lose the last of his sanity. When the world crashes down around him, he’s ready to let the world win.
Dex has friends, though, who are determined to not let him self-combust.

One man will be there to guide him through his nightmare, to hold him to keep the demons at bay, and still let him be strong enough to find the strength to love after his darkest hour.

Kindle Unlimited

Learning To Breathe

To Remy, size is a state of mind, a fact few really learn to appreciate. When it wasn’t clear he’d live past being an infant, he grew up fighting. Fighting to live. Fighting to be treated with respect. The last thing he thought he’d have to do is fight his own heart.

Getting clocked across the face with a 2×4 wasn’t one of Ben’s better moments. Grudgingly accepting help from a pint-sized, argumentative Remy, he’s among those who learn the hard way small doesn’t necessarily mean weak.

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Isaac arrived home not expecting to find anything but his warm bed waiting for him in the dead of winter. A nearly frozen friend from his past brought with him a bad break-up, old memories best left forgotten, and one particular problem he hadn’t anticipated. An attraction that he just wasn’t ready for. When faced with his friend’s worst problems, it becomes a priority to help Shawn heal.

Shawn didn’t know where to go when everything he’d been fighting for fell apart. Isaac was safe, far away from the worst reminders and lastly, the only person he could really trust. Shawn once had a crush on Isaac, but it was years ago before Isaac had left LA. A strong friendship had matured through the years since then, giving Shawn the strength to search for him now when he needed a friend.

Just when Isaac and Shawn are reaching a comfortable ground, challenges to their future bring decisions neither would have anticipated. Is Shawn still able to bend after a horrible break-up? Can Isaac trust after already being wounded by a previous lover?

Will either be able to accept that they could be stronger as three when they meet Quinn?

One thing they will learn is all things are possible together.

Kindle Unlimited

Learning To Live

Avery Storey has bought a house in a conscious effort to be more independent. Right before he moves in, the kitchen pipes malfunction. Lucky for him, one of his new neighbors is the same man Avery has begun to warm up to through his teller job. Gratefully, AJ comes to the rescue, because that’s what neighbors do. A little romance blooms between the two men. Unfortunately, AJ blows his chance when he learns Avery is thirteen years his junior. Hurting for the sweet man across the street, he’s forced to face what his life would be like without Avery at all, because being neighbors alone just would not be enough.

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What I See In You

Kennedy has no use for holidays, and suffers through the pageantry. When Angel moves to Arbor Heights to be closer to his brother, Cupid strikes in a big way. Before Kennedy knows it, he is being courted, chased, and wooed. Angel is determined to open Kennedy’s heart and isn’t above using the spirit of the holidays to crack the wall surrounding it.

Kindle Unlimited

The Good Life

Chad Rarig and Sonny Phillips have been friends since skinned knees and after school homework. Life is pretty normal, if a bit bland for Chad, until he receives a phone call that changes his entire world. With Sonny’s strong shoulder in friendship and his mother’s support in all things maternal, he cautiously embraces his fate, one that suddenly includes binkies and an utter loss of sleep.

Sonny offers a chance to let Chad settle into this new wilderness of parenthood, sharing his home with his best friend until he can get his feet back under him. Except he definitely hadn’t anticipated having to deal with a resurfacing attraction that left him panting and hungry as a starving man for his best friend. His gay best friend who believes Sonny is straight, because he’s never told him the full truth to preserve their friendship above all else.

Can Chad come to terms with all the challenges of fatherhood and still keep Sonny’s friendship intact? Will either be willing to take the risk to cross that line from friendship into something that could possibly be unbelievable? Or will it all fall apart before either of them gain their footing with their unconventional family?

This is a re-release of a previously published book, only the publisher has changed. The content of the story has been re-edited for republication but there has been no major storyline changes from the original.

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Beneath the Shield

Jack Torres has been harboring, zealously nurturing a hidden guilt for three
years. This mire of emotions has hardened his heart and his want to reconnect to
the living world, keeping him isolated and unapproachable.

Brant Teller is a chance encounter Jack keeps from growing physically violent
in a crowded nightclub. Parting ways, Brant doesn’t expect to see the brooding,
silent officer again. Yet when a domestic violence call brings the surly officer
right to his ER, Brant takes a chance. What begins as a Sunday of football has
the possibility to become so much more. If Jack will open himself up enough to
release the agony of his own personal nightmare.

This is a re-release of a previously published book, only the publisher has changed. The content of the story has been re-edited for republication but there has been no major storyline changes from the original.

Kindle Unlimited

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