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Diana’s books are divided into three categories:

  • Male/Female Mainstream Erotic Romance
  • MM and MMF Erotic Romance
  • Happy Ending Press – self published works

List of the series and the books in them.

SERIES CHRONOLOGY (oldest first):

Arbor Heights (Kindle Unlimited)

  • Beneath The Shield
  • The Good Life
  • What I See In You
  • Learning To Live
  • Learning To Breathe
  • Together
  • Not Quite Broken
  • Shadowboxing
  • Boyfriend For the Weekend
  • Boyfriend Forever
  • Trust In Me
  • No Mistake

Beach Duo  (Purple Sword Publications)

  • Glitter (Prequel) / Josh and Laurence
  • The Charlie Factor  / Gregory and Charlie
  • Doing Love Right  / RJ and Julian
  • Popping the Question / Gregory and Charlie

Granier Falls  (Purple Sword Publications)

  • After the Fire
  • Feel the Fire

Jasper (Purple Sword Publications)

  • Tougher To Love
  • Second Chance Summer
  • Finding Home
  • Finding Family
  • Breaking From The Past

Men of Silo (Purple Sword Publications)

  • Run With The Moon
  • Healed Beginnings
  • The Winter Moon’s Wolf
  • Where Trouble Travels
  • Roman’s Stand
  • Mated To The Sheriff

Prophecy of the Valda-Cree  (Purple Sword Publications)

  • Lion Rising
  • Snow Leopard Guardian – NEW!
  • Kierei’s Hope  (2024)
  • Tiger Heir  (TBD)

Wolf’s Seduction  (Purple Sword Publications)

  • Watching Her Every Move
  • Alpha Awakening
  • Love’s Learning Curves

Finding Happiness Serial (Happy Ending Press)

  • 1: Mark’s Crush
  • 2: Mark’s Challenge
  • 3: Mark’s Courage
  • 4: Momentum

If you’re not interested in erotic romance and would prefer more mainstream romance, please visit Diana’s alter ego Diana Castilleja.

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